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What are the functions of the welded wire mesh?

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Welded wire mesh is very common in people's daily life, for example, is the most commonly used decorative building welded wire mesh, welded wire mesh fence and building specific building welded wire mesh, no matter what kind of welded wire mesh use is very wide, there is the following Xiaobian introduce what is the role of electric welding net?

We all know that welded wire mesh type is many, more common is the galvanized welded wire mesh, the mesh is used for welding material used is high quality steel wire, the main features of this mesh is corrosion resistant and very durable, and the appearance is more beautiful very popular, so this is a very common welded wire mesh.

Maybe some people will ask if the wire is only straight. As a matter of fact, welded wire mesh is also wavy and wavy. It is also commonly referred to as Holland netting, which is mainly due to the different needs of customers, so that the design of goods has been diversified. It can be seen that the advantages of electric welding mesh are still a lot.